Jeyas - Almond

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Almonds seeds is a healthy source of many vitamins and minerals its stimulate strength and durability of bones and teeth.Almonds seeds milk is also added to some soaps and shampoos its improving the skin colour.

Jeyas - Little Millet Halwa

Jeyas Little Millet Flour - 1 bowl, Ghee - 1/2 bowl + 2tsp, Sugar - 1 ΒΌ bowl Milk - 1 bowl, Jeyas Cardamom powder - 1 teaspoon, Jeyas Cashew, Jeyas Almond, Jeyas Dry Grapes - as per your need, Salt - 1 teaspoon.
Take a big skillet, pour Ghee into it, add Cashew, Almond and dry Grapes and roast them till they emit a nice aroma and keep them aside, now in the same skillet again add some Ghee and dry roast the Little Millet till you get a nice smell, now start adding Milk and keep stirring till you attain a Halwa like mix, add Salt, Sugar and Cardamom Powder to the mix, once it becomes solidified take it off the stove and sprinkle the already kept aside mix of roasted Cashew, Dry Grapes and Almond, Now a very tasty Little Millet Halwa is ready, serve it while hot itself for maximum taste.

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