Jeyas - Mustard

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Mustard seeds contains generous amounts of healthy nutrients called glucosinolates which can prove valuable against various cancers such as bladder cancer, colon cancer and cervical cancer.Mustard seeds is a hearty choice when it comes to choosing cooking its stimulates good enzymes for improve the Cardiovascular health.

Jeyas - Finger Millet Spicy Adai

Jeyas Finger millet Flour - 2 bowl, Drumstick Leaf - 1/2 bowl, Raw Rice Flour - 1/4 bowl, chopped Onion - 1/4 bowl, chopped Green Chilli - 1 teaspoon, Jeyas Mustard, Urad Dal, Bengal Dal - both are 1 teaspoon, Jeyas Red Chilly - 2,Oil and Salt - (as per you need).
Mix Finger Millet, raw Rice Flour togeather and Keep it aside In a skillet pour some Oil, heat it up, then add Mustard, Urad Dal, Bengal Dal, Dry Chilly and Dry roast them, then again add Sliced small Onion, Green Chilly and drumstick leaves and fry it for atleast 5 minutes, take this mix and add it to the already mixed Finger Millet and Raw Rice Flour.Now add salt to your taste. Now add warm water to the mix and bake it, now spread it on a dava and start making tasty adai.

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