Jeyas - Finger Millet

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Finger millet contain three amino acids – lecithin, methionine and threonine, and rich in calcium, iron, vitamin D, Vitamin C, which makes the breast feeding mothers improved milk production and protecting against hypertension, stroke and other circulatory problems. Increase Bone Strength.


Jeyas Finger Millet flour - 100g, Butter Milk (sour) - 500m Jeyas Mustard, Urad Dal - 1/2 teaspoon, Asafoetida Powder - Oil - 6 teaspoon, Salt - (as per your need
Mix Finger Millet (powdered) with Butter Milk, add Salt to your need and keep it aside, In a skillet add some oil heat it up, add Urad dal, Mustard, Asafetida and peeled Chillies to it, dry roast to your need, to this mix add the above mix (Finger Millet with butter milk) and stir it till you get the state of puree, Serve while hot for a tasty and healthy breakfast dish.

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