Jeyas - Dry Grapes(Black)

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Dried grapes are very rich and good for gaining weight in a healthy way to Raisins form an ideal part of a diet for athletes or body builders who need powerful boosts of energy, or for those who want to put on weight without accumulating unhealthy amounts of cholesterol.

Jeyas - Little Millet And Mango Kesari

Jeyas Little Millet Rice – 1 bowl, Mango Pieces – ½ bowl, Jeyas Jaggery – ½ bowl, Jeyas Cashew, Jeyas Dry Grapes – (as per your need), Ghee – 2 teaspoon.
Add 3 cups of Water with 1 cup of Rice and boil until cooked, add Jaggery to it. Add Cashew (fried in Ghee), Dry Grapes, pour Ghee and stir well. Add half of the Mango pieces heat in reduced flame for 5 minutes, then add reminder piece of Mangoes to it (if needed in a decorative way) and serve.

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