Jeyas - Barnyard Millet

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Barnyard millet contains Magnesium, vitamin B3, proteins, iron, which help reduce the effects of migraines and heart attacks, lower cholesterol.Barnyard millet contains low in calories and having high fiber content, Millet is alkaline and it digests easily.

Jeyas - Barnyard And Finger Millet Puree

Jeyas Finger Millet Flour – 200g, Curd – ¼ bowl, Jeyas Barnyard Millet - 50g, Chopped Onion and Water – (as per your need)
Add some Water to 200g Finger Millet Flour and keep it soaked from the previous night itself, Then mix it till looks like Dosa flour or batter And allow it to ferment well. Boil Water put 50g Barnyard Millet into it, once its half cooked and keep it aside. Add Finger Millet Flour to the above mix and heat it in stove until the mix solidifies. Make sure it’s not sticky when you touch it with your hand, it should be in the state of a halwa. Then add 1/4 bowl Curd, and chopped Onion to the mix, Boil the Puree and add Salt (as per your need) mix some water to it, a tasty healthy Puree is ready.

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