Jeyas - Cashew

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Cashew seeds are a good source for sustain the immune system, maintain nerve function, and keep the bones strong. Cashew seeds regards to improve the red blood cells and helps in keeping bones and the immune system healthy.

Jeyas - Foxtail Millet Halwa

Jeyas Foxtail Millet Flour - 200g, Jeyas Jaggery - 200g, Jeyas Cardamom powder - 1/2 tsp Jeyas Coriander powder - 2 tsp, Jeyas Cashew, Jeyas Dry Grapes, Jeyas Almond both are - 10g, Ghee - 100g.
Add Jaggery and Water with Foxtail Millet, mix it well and make it into a batter, take a skillet and put it in stove add some ghee and heat it slowly, then add the batter to it little by little while you keep stirring it, be very careful not to let it solidify, at same time keep adding Ghee to it(be careful not to over add ), aftersometime the mix will not stick to the skillet at this juncture add Cashew, Almond, Dry Grapes, Dry Ginger (crushed) and Cardamom Powder and take it off the stove.

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