Jeyas - Red Chilly

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Red Chilly are antidotes for Heart Diseases, Red Chilly extract orally to a patient can help to stop heart attacks. Red Chilly are helps to improve the blood circulation of the body.

Jeyas - Mixed Cereal Vada

Gram, Maize, Cowpea Beans (soaked) - each 100g, Jeyas Dry Red Chilly - 1, Ginger - 1 small piece, Chopped Mint, Coriander Leaves, Oil - 500ml, Salt - as per your need.
Mix Gram, Maize, Cowpea Beans, Dry Chilly, Chopped Ginger, salt, and put it in mixie and grind it, make it into paste (mostly solid). Add Coriander leaves, Mint to it. In a skillet pour the oil, make the above paste or dough into circular (vada) shape and roast till it changes to golden color, serve while hot, tasty vada is ready.

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