Jeyas - Spice Mix

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All spices are contain a number of valuable organic compounds and antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and carminative by nature.It has been reducing cancer, improving oral health, stimulating digestion, facilitating bone growth, boosting the immune system, reducing blood pressure.

Jeyas - Herbal Tea

Cloves, Jeyas Cardamom - each 2, Jeyas Coriander seed, Jeyas Pepper - half teaspoon, Jeyas Cumin, Dried Ginger Powder - a teaspoon of each , Jeyas Jaggery (or) Sugar - 5 g.
Heat up a pan on stove, mix one by one Cumin, Pepper, Cloves fry it and turnoff the stove keep warm.put it in mixie and grind it, make it powder and keep it aside.while doing tea, boil a cup of water add Jaggery, put both Cloves Powder and Herbal Powder, add the Powder from mixie – half tsp, again turnoff the stove be sure to close the clapper. Five minutes later, filter it and ready hot herbal tea.

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