Jeyas - Black Pepper

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Pepper seeds are antidotes for Heart Diseases, pepper extract orally to a patient can help to stop heart attacks.Pepper seeds are ayurvedic medicine for proper digestion as it stimulates the flow of stomach secretions and its helps to avoid stomach aches, gas and cramps.

Jeyas - Teeth Momos

Boiled Rice – 500g, Coconut – 1(small), Salt – as per your need, Jeyas Pepper – 1 tablespoon, Ghee – ¼ cup, Oil - 1 tablespoon.
Take the Boiled Rice and soak it up in water, keep it at least for 2 hours, add scraped Coconut and Salt then put it in mixie and grind it until it becomes hoarse batter without water, keep it aside, Take pan fry Pepper without oil Put it in mixie and grind it make it into Powder, take a skillet, Pour some oil and spread the batter, stir it and make it into small balls, do this until it does not stick to the pan, then take a pan, spread the balls on the pan and heat up till it bakes, sprinkle the powdered Pepper along with Ghee on the Rice balls or Momos and serve hot.

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