Jeyas - Cumin

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Cumin seeds is highly good for digestion. its comes from an aromatic organic compound called Cuminaldehyde, its activates our salivary glands in our mouth, which facilitates the digestion of food

Jeyas - Gram Soup

Gram - 1/2 bowl, Jeyas Tamarind - 50g, Jeyas Turmeric powder - 1 teaspoon Jeyas Coriander, Jeyas Pepper - 1 teaspoon, Jeyas Cumin – 2 tsp, Tomato - 2, Garlic – piece, Green Chilly - 2, Salt - as per your required, Oil - 3 tsp, Jeyas Mustard, Dry Jeyas Red chilly - 1.
Wash horse gram with water, then add water and heat it up till it boils, then crush it into a semi solid paste and keep it aside. grind Pepper, Fennel, and Coriander together in mixie or by hand and keep it aside. juice Tamarind in water and let it soak, Take vessel add all the above prepared mixtures in it and keep it in stove with mild or reduced flame, In a skillet add oil, heat up, dry roast Mustard along with sliced Tomato, green Chilly and Curry Leaves (you can do this dry roasting as you do for all other curries) and pour it in to the vessel on the stove and take it off from it. Sprinkle curry leaves and Mint (sliced) on the Soup, a tasty aromatic and very healthy Horse gram soup is ready, Serve while hot.

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